It has taken many years to become myself, have an acceptance of all the fractalised fragments of my personalities and sub personalities, born of the introjected elements of others and the places I have been and seen, like a theatre with its sets and its actors (Fractors), finally all in agreement of the direction of the forthcoming play. With these assets in place, I have produced an intricate egoic façade constructed to protect the unique seed of origin surfacing in the world of light and illusions, the tip, the birth light of a fibre-optic tunnel that leads to the sleeping mollusc, the total-self below; Hark, she cries, the mollusc beneath, you are Jack Muddles, an energetic maelstrom of particles and waves constructed to entertain, and so, at last, after much time, I agree to rest from the journeys battle and be. An Avitarian wanting to entertain you.