Surreal Vintage Mrs Stretch Speaks Her Mind

Surrealism is a 20th-century avant-garde movement in art and literature which sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, for example by the irrational juxtaposition of images.

Are we merely dreamers born of the underworld, of the unconscious, like flowers sent from below to bathe in the rays of experience to feed the root of our true being? Am I, Jack Muddles, merely an avatar of my true being, an actor playing out a role in a world of actors, all connected to the same unconscious source, all feeding back information of the individuated experience of self from the dream like world built of light. It has often occurred to me that we are all, in actual fact, a mollusc basking at the bottom of a deep sea with billions of tentacles to the surface to experience the outer world, comfy in our shell engaging in a sort of virtual reality show drawn from the world of light, for without light the world of illusions vanishes and we return to the sensory simplicity afforded by our den, a place without light, a universe of thought, a mind alone with plenty of time to imagine.

Further, it could be said that our existence as individuals in the outer world of light is a construct built out of our surroundings, the things we have seen and been part of, every aspect of our persona a collected aspect of the outer world taken within and owned by unified root self, the subconscious, to be re-projected out into the theatre of illusions in the outer world of light, creating a self perpetuating palindrome of experience for the mollusc beneath the choppy oceans of the universal mind. In this way it could be seen that we are all characters living in an ongoing story created by the informational feedback loop, living through repeated patterns of being, occasionally, usually by accident, modifying the pattern, like a child drawing on the front room wallpaper. We imagine ourselves into the world of illusions utilising the projector of experiences from the past. It could be said that we are a surreal stream of consciousness.

Surrealism begins at birth, surrealism is imagination. childhood is surreal, imagination is the core of our beings. We live in an imagined world, everything we see around us has come from a mind. A building was once a thought, an idea. The architect then materialises the building into existence in collaboration with skilled technicians. At Surreal Vintage we understand this and we are the architects and technicians of our own ideas. We transport the world of surreal thoughts within our minds, without. We do this for our audience to ponder and revel in.

Show at Gallery 286, Earls Court, London